The Beginning of Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze

Hello Everyone and welcome to my new blog: Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze! I thought long and hard about what to call my blog and since my blog will be about lots of different topics it was quite difficult to choose a name that covered those topics; I ended up with this name because many of my posts will be seasonal and Autumn is my favourite season and then spring breeze rhymed, and who doesn’t love a cheesy rhyme!

Anyway for my first post I thought I would do two things; talk about what my blog and what it’s going to be about as well as a little bit about me!

So first off, I’ll talk a bit about what my blog will be about! So my blog is going to be based on my interests because I think that you can’t talk about or have a blog about something you are not terribly interested in, but I could talk about my interests for hours, but I’ll try to refrain to make sure that you all don’t get to bored. So, my interests are: Baking, Fashion, Beauty, Skincare, sports and Photography. But, there will be lots more such as seasonal posts!

Now a bit about me! I don’t want to reveal too much about my identity on this blog so I will be talking more about my opinions and interests. So, firstly I absolutely adore Christmas and Autumn! October to December is hands down my favourite time of year; I just love all the cosy nights in with blankets and hot chocolates, I also prefer colder weather to warm weather, which probably makes me one of the only people in the UK who is actually excited for this hot Summer to end and for rainy Autumn to come! But don’t get me wrong, I love Summer and Spring too! I love musicals and some of my favourites have to be The Greatest Showman and Mamma Mia, I have a thing with new musicals that after I see the movie, I only listen to that musicals soundtrack from anywhere form 2 days to just under a month, depending on how much I enjoyed the movie, put it this way I listened to the Greatest Showman soundtrack thought all of January! More about TV… My favourite TV shows are The Office (US) and Scrubs, does anyone else still watch these? I must also mention that I really love Harry Potter, and by love I mean a little bit obsessed, I’ve read the book series 4 times and watched the movies  too many times to count, literally! I think to finish this up I will talk about my hobbies; I love baking, and love to try new recipes as well as recreate old favourites and sometimes even try to create my own recipes, for example I made Gluten free, carb free and sugar free brownies a couple days ago and no it wasn’t just air! They didn’t taste amazing but they were gone within a couple days so they weren’t completely disgusting! I also love photography, I love to take landscape photos by the seaside or in the mountains or anywhere beautiful!

I think that I will wrap this post up for now because I don’t want this introduction to be too long! I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I will be blogging more soon!

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Thank you so much for reading!

Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze x


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