Tis the Season to do Festive Shopping in Sainsbury’s!

Hello everyone! How is your December going so far? Is anyone else amazed at how cold it is! (Well, in the UK at least?) But, if you live elsewhere then wast your weather like? So to start off with the festive posts, I personally love seeing what kind of foods and supplies people buy in Supermarkets so last time I went shopping I thought … This is quite a Christmassy shop – maybe I should photograph all the festive foods and write a blog post. So I did!

The first thing is something that some people may not consider a festive food, but I certainly do! So, the reason I bought two different types is because the easy peelers are the kind I love to eat but the other ones are the ones that I chop up and dry out in the oven. These make some lovely homemade oranges decorations but also makes your house smell of lovely oranges for a few hours! All you need to do is chop up the oranges into thin slices and then place on some kitchen roll and then place another piece of kitchen roll and gently pat down to soak up a little bit of the excess juice (You don’t want to mush up the oranges). Then you want to pop them on a baking tray and put them in an oven at around 100oc and leave them in there for around 2 to 3 hours – depending on how you like them.

The next thing that I bought was mince pies, I know some people don’t like mince pies but I absolutely love them! A bundle of spiced dried fruits with a layer of pastry around it, sometimes warmed up with a dollop of cream – that sounds so delicious to me!


These are my favourite Sainsbury’s Christmas treat: British pork & Cranberry sausage rolls. If you haven’t tried them, then please do, they are amazing; a classic sausage roll with a slight sweet kick.

Honestly, sometimes if I’m not too hungry for dinner or Lunch, I just love things like this and after trying them I must say they are really quite delicious and a great little nibble in the evening whether you’re staying in with a blanket and a Christmas show on the TV or if you’re having a little house party! Does anyone hold any Christmas parties? Or attend any?

I also bought a camembert which I also find is a great Lunch/dinner if you’re to very hungry. I like to pop it in the oven and melt it and then dip in some: carrots, bread, oatcakes, cucumber and peppers, yum!

I know this isn’t terribly festive but here are some baking supplied I bought.. I suppose the dark brown sugar is for baking gingerbread cookies so is quite festive!

I love these Glitter Berry J20’s, They just bring me back and just taste like Christmas an New Years to me! I would highly recommend.

Well thats all I’m going to talk about today, there were a few other things I bought, which you can see in the first picture.

I will hopefully be posting a bit more on this last week up until Christmas Day.


Autumn leaves and a Spring breeze (with a little Christmas touch) x

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