New Year – How to get over your post Christmas Blues


So, you’ve had an amazing Christmas and New Years day and Eve spent with your loved ones but now you are going back to work or school and you’re feeling kind of down. This is most definitely me, is it you?

I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year but now I am here to write about a few tips I have to get you to a good start this 2019.

1. Think about all the good things to come in 2019

Instead of dwelling on how sad you are that Christmas is over, why don’t you think about all the good things there are to come this year. This can be things such as trips you have planned in 2019, I have planned a trip to Bath in the Spring and I am now really looking forward to it,  also remember how much fun last Summer was with all the sun – we have that to come again. If you don’t have anything particularly exciting planned for 2019 then think about all the people you can meet and all the time you can spend with your loved ones. And on the plus side, next Christmas isn’t really too far off, but don’t think about that too much!

2. Treat Yourself 

Another thing I would recommend is either buying something you have been wanting or needing for a while, it could be a little as a Lush bath bomb or a hair product you love and as big as a holiday you want to go on or a new phone. Or if you don’t have anything you’ve have been thinking about for a while then put aside an amount of money – it doesn’t have to be huge, you could have £5 to whatever you feel you can spend and just either go out and have a little shopping spree and buy yourself a nice dress, or a pair of shoes or some makeup or go out and have a meal. Just do something nice for yourself – no matter how little or big it is.

3. Be Generous

My last tip may seem a little simple but at this time of year lots of people try to make resolutions to give up drinking, lose weight, cut down on sugar, start a new hobby etc. But something else (or extra) to do is just to be kind and generous. Just be more conscious of everyone around you. I know you may be feeling glum but there is a definite chance that there is someone out there who is having a worse start to 2019 then you are. I am not saying you need to donate £100 to charity, just a little or even just be aware of these people in need – don’t be ignorant. I know this is not the way the world is but wouldn’t you love to live in a world where a complete stranger could come up to you and say ” I love that outfit, where did you get it from?” or ” I love your makeup” or something as simple as ” Have a great day.’ I’m not saying you need to be creepy and do this to everyone you see or that this never happens. But if you would like someone to say it to you then if the situation seems right then just say something nice, I can almost guarantee that both the person and you will feel better and happier.

Well I hope you find some of these tips helpful and I wish you all a very happy new year! Have a good one!

Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze x


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