Current Youtube Channel Favourites

Hello everyone! So I am a fan of youtube, I think it’s a brilliant space for creators. Recently, there have been a few channels that I have been watching a lot more, let me know in the comments your favourite youtubers!

  1. Tasty- I am sure many of you will have heard of tasty, it is a channel (but they also have an app) where they share cooking and baking recipes and their videos are so satisfying! Their channel consists of simple recipes like: Brownie stuffed strawberries, Hidden strawberry heart bundt cake , Chicken Parmesan poppers and Strawberry cheesecake cake roll. But they also do more interesting ones like: How I make most of my viral tasty recipes, I made a 3 foot giant pizza slice, and why I make zero-waste videos. but some of my favourite videos are the compilation videos: 5 mesmerising cake recipes to bake for a Birthday party, tasty desserts to bake with your friends, the most delicious brownie recipes you will ever find. I think most people who watch tasty, just watch tasty but I sometimes like to try out their recipes! Some of the ones I have done are: the ultimate chocolate cake, chewy chocolate chip cookie, peppermint macaroons and chocolate crepe cake and they all turned out really well! So if you haven’t ever seen Tasty videos then go check them out: Tasty videos
  2. Sarah’s Day- Sarah is an Australian women who has a channel all about health and fitness, her vlogs are really fun and about her healthy lifestyle but she also posts recipes. She is really positive and has tons of really helpful tips to help you get healthier. I only found her channel this month and I have been obsessed since, some of my favourite vines of hers are: 20 healthy habits that changed my life, What I buy (come healthy grocery shopping with me) and Best choc chip cookies (healthy. Here is here channel: Sarah’s Day
  3. Niomi Smart- Niomi is someone I have been watching for a while and her videos are health based as well. She is Vegan so all her recipes are vegan. Some of my favourite videos of hers are: her What I Eat in a Day videos, her recent workout videos, and all her recipes. but she also does really positive, honest Q and A’s such as: Is Instagram lowering your self esteem? you should definitely go check her out! Niomi Smart videos


I do have a lot more I could talk about but I think I will leave that for another day! Let me know if you already watch or are going to check out any of these youtube channels, also if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments.


Autumn Leaves and A Spring Breeze x


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