Little Skincare Haul


I don’t know why, maybe because I’ve been ill with a cold, but my skin has been really bad. I’ve had really dry spots but my nose has been really oily with blackheads. So I went to go to boots to grab some nice skincare products

So the first thing I got were the Biore charcoal pore strips, I’ve tried them before and they are amazing, I used one on Friday night and so much came out! (I know it’s a bit disgusting but better on the strip then on your skin!) You should wait three days in between using them so I’ll use the next one on Monday or Tuesday night. They were £9.45, which is fairly pricey but they just work so well, so if you need your blackheads gone then I would recommend these!

The next thing I bought was the Olay night firming moisturiser which was £4.25. I have had a really dry patch of skin between my eyebrows and I do have another moisturiser from simple but although I love most of Simple’s products, the moisturiser is not one of them. But I have been using this Moisturiser for the last couple days and the dry skin is SOOOOO much better, I would definitely recommend it!

What are some of the Skincare products you love? Let me know in the comments x

Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze xx

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