Lent – sugar free

Hello everyone! How is your April going? Mine has been really wonderful so far, at the end of March/beginning of April I had a three day trip away to Bath, which was really lovely – would you like a post on it?!

So we are now in the period of Lent which is the time between Shrove Tuesday (pancake day hehe) and Easter, it’s tradition to give up something for lent such as chocolate, bread or alcohol but this year I decided to give up refined sugar. I haven’t been completely perfect (especially when I was in Bath) but mostly because if there is 1% to 3% sugar in something I’ll still have it as sadly nowadays most things do have a trace of sugar in it.

I decided to do this when I was talking to some of my friends about Lent and what we were giving up and I said “oh I haven’t given anything up, I should really!” I had always tried diets that had never worked and I thought I should give up refind sugar, we all know it’s bad for us, it’s just addictive. I will say that overall it has been easier than I thought as I have discovered my love of fruit (I know I liked it but didn’t realise how much!) and there are many sugar alternatives such as Agave syrup, honey, coconut sugar and pure maple syrup. I have had a few cheat days like when I went to Bath and Sundays are cheat days.

I do find that my skin is a bit clearer and I have bit more energy, if I’m completely honest they are very little changes and my weight has gone down slightly but only really 3 or 4 pounds. The two biggest things I have found is: I crave sugar less and I find things more sweet and honestly on my cheat days I just enjoy it and saver it more, before I would always just eat seeming without thinking about it but now I will take my time and enjoy the taste slowly. I have also found that I just feel healthier – I don’t know how to explain it?! But I feel nicer and just happier in myself, it’s hard to explain!

So I’ll update you at the end of Lent (easter) and tell you how I have done and also I would love to share some of the sugar free treats and bakes I have been loving, would anyone like that?

Have a lovely day and Thank you for reading!

Autumn leaves and a Spring Breeze x

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