Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it on here, but I, like many others, am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have watched the movies countless times and read the whole series through about 5 times. It’s the kind of thing I go to when I am feeling down or it’s a rainy day or if I’m just a bit bored. It’s just an amazing magical universe that takes you away from the real world, and I love it.

I don’t know how many of my readers are Potter fans so I am sorry if this post doesn’t interest you, but I am going to be doing a simple Harry Potter tag. Enjoy! But if you have any other questions please leave them below because I want to do a Harry Potter Q&A with Questions from you guys, it can be anything Potter related!

  1. What is your favourite book? – This is a very hard question because I just love all the books for different reasons, I love the first one because that’s where it all starts and I love all the others but I think my favourite book would have to be the last one (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows) because it’s where everything ties together, its where Vold- I mean He Who Must Not Be Named, is finally defeated and where the fantastic series comes to a close. I have very fond memories of sitting in my car reading this book with ABBA in the background so some songs such as “The Winner takes it all” and “take a chance on me” I associate strongly with the last few chapters of Harry Potter, which is slightly odd but I love to listen to those songs when I feel especially Pottery (which should definitely be in the dictionary!). I am so sorry I am one question in and have already written about 300 words! EEEK!
  2. What is your favourite movie?- Again this is a very hard question as I love them all but I think I am going to go with 2 of them and they are: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I love the third one because it’s where we meet Sirius and Lupin but you also have some great scenes such as Hermione punching Malfoy. The fourth one I love because it is the beginning of the Darkness coming through, it’s the first time we see Vo- sorry again, You Know who, in the flesh and I love the yule Ball and having Durmstang and Beauxbatons.
  3. Favourite Quote? “The ones that love us never really leave us” -Sirius Black (Prisoner of Azkaban).
  4. Favourite Weasley? This is a hard one because I do love all of them and Ron is so loveable and goofy but my favourite has to be tied between Molly and the combo of Fred and George. Fred and George are so brilliant, the real jokers of Harry Potter and my heart broke when Fred died, that is the one thing that happened in Harry Potter that I disagree with and wish JK Rowling hadn’t written. Molly because she is such a strong woman and a stunningly lovable and wonderful mother. My favourite moment of hers is when Bellatrix throws a killing curse at Ginny and she comes up to her and says “Not my Daughter, you bitch!” and goes and has a duel with her! LOVE IT!
  5. Favourite Male Character?– This is honestly such a hard question, there are so many brilliant ones. But I think I’m going with Neville. I love Neville, he’s always Harry’s goofy friend whose a bit hopeless but he has his moments where he saves the day such as when he gives Harry the gillyweed. He has gone through so much and stays strong but doesn’t get the attention and doesn’t make a big deal of it, a beautiful scene is in the Order of the Pheonix the he tells Harry about his parents and how they were tortured.
  6. Favourite Female character?- I know this is cliche but I am going with Hermione. She reminds me slightly of myself and I think that Emma Watson plays her beautifully. I love how she starts out as an unlikable try hard nerd but as time passes you see different sides to her.
  7. Favourite Baddy- Now my answer to this is not because I like these characters but because I think they are really truly evil. Volde- oh damn it I’m sorry, you know who, is obviously evil but I’m giving this to two other villains: Bellatrix Lestrange and Dolores Umbridge. Bellatrix is so evil and just an example of this is when she kills Sirius (her own cousin!) she just smirks and runs away screaming in joy and also how she always reminds Neville of his parents and she was the one who tortured them. Umbridge is so sneakily evil, she pretends to be this pretty pink lady who’s really sweet but she is really such a horrible person.
  8. Favourite professor? This is another hard one but I think it has to be McGonagal. She was always fair to all her students, and she was such a strong woman and always had Harry’s welfare at heart. It was between her and Lupin but I don’t really see Lupin as a professor as he was only at Hogwarts for a year whereas McGonagal was there the whole time.
  9. Which House are you in?- I used to think I was a Ravenclaw but on Pottermore (gotta love pottermore! hehe) I was Gryffindor and I see myself as a Gryffindor. So Gryffindor.
  10. Anything that wasn’t in the Movies that annoys you? There are a few scenes that I feel were missed out on but I understand the movie can’t be 4 hours long! But the things I am most annoyed about is PEEVES! I missed peeves so much, I really wish he had been in the movies!


Well I think I’m going to leave my Harry Potter Tag at that, short and sweet! As I said earlier PLEASE do leave some questions so that I can do another post, anything!

Thanks for reading!

Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze x (with some forbidden forest trees hehe)

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