Travel to BATH (March 2019)

Hello! Thank you for clicking on this post to read it! So at the end of March I went on a little three day trip to the city of Bath in Somerset. I have wanted to go to Bath for quite a while and I don’t really know why, it might be because it is such a historic city. Anyways I will get on with the post and what I did while I was there. So first off if anyone was wondering where I stayed, it was simply just Airbnb – there are tons of great, affordable places in Bath for Airbnb but there was also a nearby Travelodge and I am sure there are lots of other options.

When I arrived in Bath it was around 11:30 and I couldn’t check in my flat until around 1pm so I bought I would go out for coffee and I went to Sally Lunn’s house. This coffee house is the home of the Sally Lunn bun (which you can see in the photo of the window of the cafe. It’s a really cute little cafe and the service is brilliant, whatever you order comes with a pot of tea, which is lovely and very British! hehe!

I ordered the classic Sally Lunn bun with cinnamon sugar bacon and it was DELICIOUS! Then for dessert I ordered a apricot brownie (which I am very sorry I forgot to picture but I can assure you it was yummy!).

Another thing about the Sally Lunn house is that after you’ve had your tea and cake (and eaten it haha), you can go downstairs into the basement which is a little museum about the origin of the Sally Lunn Bun. There is also a little shop down there where you can buy a Sally Lunn bun to go and they come in a really cute little box.

After I finished off in Sally Lunn’s since it as such a lovely day, I headed down to look at the Circus and the Royal crescent. We played a little game of mini golf, which was an amazing little picturesque course just below the Royal Crescent, I would definitely recommend having game if the weathers nice and you want a simple activity to do. We then had a little ice cream (from a van) and then had some classic Waitrose pizza at the Airbnb and watched Sense and Sensibility, which is a movie based off a Jane Austen book and she lived in Bath and it’s quite well known for it.

On the second day, I went to the fashion museum (or maybe it’s called the costume museum, I can’t remember!) which is a museum which has 100 outfits through the ages. You could either have a guide or an audio guide and since it was around 25 minutes until the next tour I just went with the audio guide. It was really interesting and really worth a visit. There was also a cute little gift shop and a cafe. The photo of this stunning little lilac dress was my favourite outfit of the museum, it was so detailed and really interesting to hear about.

After this I went to Pulteney bridge and had lunch in a little cafe there, after this we went on a little walk by the river and then came back into Bath to look at Bath Abbey. We looked around the stunning abbey and there was a choir there practicing for a concert that evening which created a really lovely atmosphere. After that we went into a little cafe near the Abbey and then had a walk along the river that runs under Pulteney bridge. We then went to a little cafe (I’m really sorry, I can’t remember the name!) and I had the most delicious Bakewell sponge. We then walked back up into the city and did some shopping. In the evening, we went out for a meal in a Thai restaurant on Broad street which was absolutely delicious andI would recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere for dinner.

On the third and final day we got up fairly early to go to the Roman baths. We had guided tour which was really interesting and then just wondered around taking photos and had a look in the museum. Although it was very expensive, it was a brilliant trip and I learnt so much – it was so intriguing! After this we went for lunch, a cafe called Pickled Greens, It was really nice and I had the most delicious vegetable lasagne. Finally, we walked around a bit more and went to the Bridge coffee on Pulteney bridge and I had a scrummy brownie before heading off home.

Bath is such a wonderful city and if anyone is wondering if they should go or not, then go! There was so much to do and I would love to visit again to go do some of the things I didn’t have time to do but also go back to some of the things I had already seen!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze xx

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