Bad Habits and Good Habits

Okay. I think everyone has at least one bad habit. If you don’t have one then wow.. keep it  up! But I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the good habits we have as well. So, I thought I’d do a post talking about my bad habits but also my good habits. Let me know if you share any of these habits!

Bad Habits

  1. I don’t bite my nails but I do have a really bad habit of picking at my nail beds, especially when I’m stressed or bored.
  2. I pick at my mascara! I know it sounds gross but if I do it once I get really worried that it’s clumping and I just keep picking it off!!
  3. I am always touching my face! I know it’s probably why my skin isn’t the best but I can’t stop.. it’s a bad habit!
  4.  I have a bad habit of being either on my phone or my laptop while I am watching TV, which means that I end up having to rewind about every 15 minutes because I missed a big part in the plot!
  5. Lastly, another gross one but when I paint my toenails, I can never really be bothered to take it off so I just leave it until I really need to take it off and repaint!!

Good Habits

  1. I always brush my teeth for 2 minutes, I know this is sort of the requirement but I’m still quite proud hehe!
  2. When I wake up in the morning I almost aways have a big glass of water, it has just sort of become part of my day routine!
  3. I’m quite good at taking the stairs, I know this is a really little thing butt I often don’t even think about taking the stairs when there is an option for a lift or escalator. I know I shouldn’t really be that proud of this, but I am!
  4. I will eat everything off my plate. This is definitely someone lots of kids are taught, and I’ve kept with it. Very rarely will my plate have stuff left on it; but really I can’t gloat too much as this is probably due to the fact that I just love food!
  5. I eat a lot less refined sugar than I used too! As some of you may know I gave up refined sugar for lent, and since I loved it I decided to bring it into my lifestyle! Here is the post I wrote on it: Sugar Free


So that’s the end of my post! I know a few of these thing are a bit gross to write about but everyone has good and bad habits, so why not talk about them?! I challenge other bloggers to do a post on this! Please tag me if you do!!


Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze xoxo




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