Summer Beauty Favourites



We are now leaving the Summer season, which I am actually not sad about at all as Summer is actually my least favourite season! I do love it but I just prefer cosy Autumn!

Throughout Summer there are a few staple products that I love to use while I’m in the sun!

My first favourite is this bronzer brush from The Body Shop! I love to use this, obviously, as a bronzer brush but also as a highlighter brush! It applies really evenly and beautifully, the brush is amazing quality and the bristles are super soft! Even the days where I wasn’t wearing makeup, I would still pop a little bronzer an highlighter ( either the No7 or the Tanya Burr cosemetics Christmas range ones) to give a little and subtle Summer glow! ( I think it is actually a blusher brush but it works amazingly for bronzer!)  Blusher brush

This amazing moisturiser actually came from a beauty box in May from Look fantastic ( which I have done post on x) It has lovely packaging but the smell is fantastic and to top it all off it leaves you skin feeling super soft! I have quite greasy skin so I used it as a night time moisturiser

Polaar Northern lights


The next thing I have been loving is another product from the Body Shop. It is the Mango hand cream. The Mango scent from the Body shop is my favourite scent from there, especially around the Summer time! The hand cream is the perfect size and makes your hands feel perfect!

Mango Hand Cream

This liquid eye shadow is from No7 and it is in the most perfect colour, and I loved to wear it in Summer, whether I was going out for an event or for just an everyday look! It is super easy to apply and leaves a beauty smooth shadow on your eyes which is simply effortless!

Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow

The final beauty product I was loving one the Summer was this Quick Dry Barry M, baby blue nail polish. It is a really affordable and simple nail polish that is just a nice touch, but not too noticeable… which I love! I actually started to love this colour on my nails in Spring but I continued to love it in Summer! (sorry I can’t find the link to this!)


Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day!


Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze xoxo


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