Transitioning into Autumn

Good afternoon!

So, next Tuesday we will be in October! September has actually gone very quickly, compared to previous years for me! So this blog post is going to be about all the things I love about Autumn:

  1. The colder weather – I know many people hugely prefer the hotter weather, but I am not like this at all! I just love cold weather, I love rain, snow, fog and just being able to layer jackets and jumpers and then be able to snuggle up at home. I am hoping for an especially cold winter! It has already started to get a bit colder where I live, but I really want to see the degrees drop off quickly in October!
  2. Conkers and leaves- When I was younger I have really fond memories of finding conkers with my friends and splitting them open, and I still love it around Harvest time when you start to see the conkers on the ground, either the green spiky ones or the inner brown bit. Also, the trees. They are stunning and I am so glad that many of the trees are already turning the gorgeous red, orange and yellow ombre colours! It’s so nice to watch them gradually turn over the weeks and see the multicoloured leaves on the ground.
  3. All the Baking – now, I love baking all year round, but when it gets into the September to December period; I love it even more. I love baking with pumpkin, spices, bananas and just getting that cosy feeling in the kitchen. The crumbles and pies. Now I really am craving apple pie ahah!
  4. Costa, Starbucks and Pumpkin – I know, how basic but really I just love the spiced, autumn themed drinks at Costa and Starbucks, epically the bonfire latte from Costa!   Pumpkin is also just an autumnal ingredient for me and I love it in smoothies, hot drinks and baking. I always stock up in September, I actually have run out so will need to buy some more pumpkin puree soon! What’s your favourite seasonal drink or flavour?
  5. Halloween – When I was a small kid, I used to live in the states and over there Halloween is such a big occasion and since I have such fond memories of Halloween over there I still get excited now! I love the spooky music, the classic old games, the themed candy (I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love candy corn!) and all the dressing up! When I was little I dressed up as the tooth fairy about 3 times and I remember being so excited to plan my costume and then go out and show all my friends and walk around the neighbourhood trick or treating! I also love carving pumpkins as that was also something I used to do when I was younger.. I love how you can go either spooky or cute and although my carving skills are fairly poor, I always enjoy it!
  6. The General coziness – finally, I just love the cozy feel of Autumn. The colder weather wants you to have more tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Snuggling down with blankets by the fire and watching TV.

I love Autumn a lot, if you couldn’t already tell! So, I am very happy that it is finally here!

Happy Autumn!

Autumn leaves and a Spring Breeze xoxo

insta – Autumnleaves_SpringBreeze


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