Christmas Lush Haul

Happy New year everyone! I hope your first day of 2020 was a good one, mine hasn’t been the best as unfortunately I have a pretty nasty cold.

Anyway, for Christmas I received a couple lovely Lush bath bombs and then I went into my local Lush store and grabbed a few things in the Lush Boxing Day sale; it’s the only sale that Lush does and it’s an amazing deal with ALL the Christmas products on sale for half price.

First, I will start off with the the products I received for Christmas!

This adorable Reindeer bath bomb has these adorable paper reindeer antlers attached; I am actually a little confused to whether I take them off before I drop this in a bath or not, if anyone has the answer let me know! I am really rubbish at describing scents, especially when I can’t really smell because of a cold!

The second bath bomb I got was the snowman dreaming bath bomb which I have actually already had this year earlier in December and it smells incredible, like slightly sweet but still fresh and since it’s white with a rainbow on the side it makes your bath look stunning; so I am very excited to use this again!

Finally for Christmas I got the twilight shower jelly. Shower jellies really intrigue me, I tried one years back and quite liked it but I haven’t tried one since so I will be interested to try this one! I really like the twilight scent and the colour of the jelly is kind of like a galaxy with purple and blue and shimmer which looks really pretty.

So, in the Boxing Day sale I actually picked up this Best Wishes gift box for someones Birthday in January and I can’t remember the exact price but I think originally it was around £14 and so I got it for £7; which is an amazing deal! It has the jingle bells and the Santa’s Grotto bath bomb.

This bath bomb: Pop Art. I didn’t actually realise was in the Christmas range but I saw it was half price and it smelled divine so I thought I’d grab it!

I has had my eye on this candy cane bubble bar for a while and I saw it in the sale so I just had to get it! I actually think Lush’s bubble bars are really underrated; like I obviously love the bath bombs but the bubble bars are amazing and last so much longer and are actually slightly cheaper!

Finally, a classic: Golden wonder! I have actually tried this in previous ear and it actually has multi colours on the inside and turns your bath and amazing rainbow gold glimmer colour which is amazing! It also smells really lovely!

What is your favourite Christmas Lush product? Di you go to the Boxing Day sale?

Happy New year!

Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze xoxo

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