Search Engines that Help the Environment

There are of course several ways you can positively impact the environment such as: eating less meat, cutting down on plastic and flying less. However, online you are able to help the environment without even trying.. all you have to do is change your search engine.

In all honesty, it is different to google and will take a little while to get used to the new searches as it has a different layout; but after a couple days you will get used to it and now I actually find searching on google to look really different!!


Ecosia is the main search engine that I use and it is probably the most well known. Ecosia helps the environment as it plants trees thus reducing the about of carbon in the atmosphere and providing more habitats for animals and increasing biodiversity. For every 45 searches you make, they will plant one tree. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but in reality, you use it so much that in the space of around 5 months of using it I have already planted nearly 34 trees; which is incredible as I have barely done anything! It is also extremely satisfying to be able to the numbers of searchs increasing and feeling like you are positively helping.

Ecosia: Le moteur de recherche qui plante des arbres - YouTube

Ocean Hero

When you use Ocean hero, it helps 50% of its profits recover plastics bottles from the ocean. For every 5 searches, they will recover a bottle and last week they recovered over 343,000 bottles.  This means that as you use this search engine, it will make the ocean cleaner and save many marine lives.

SES Switch to Ocean Hero - Stamford Endowed Schools


Elliot for Water

Elliot for water generates money for clean water projects and help people access clean water.

Save Lives with Elliot for Water the Social Good Search ...


There are several other alternatives to google which are a lot moe environmentally friendly. it is more than easy to replace it, you simply add ti to safari on either your phone or laptop, or other platforms and you can start helping the planet with zero effort at all!

Let me know if you use any other search engines, or other simply ways you like to help the planet!


Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze xoxo


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