How to have a more Sustainable Christmas

Hi everyone. Now, this year I have become more environmentally conscious – though I am by no means perfect now, in fact from it. Even so, here are some of my ideas of how to have a lower waste and lower impact Christmas, even if you just use one of these tips, it would have an impact.

  1. Shop for presents from small businesses

This is a way in which you can buy presents more ethically. Rather than buying from large brands you could buy from smaller businesses and local shops, it also makes your gifts more personal and unique! Another good way to shop more sustainably for presents would be to buy experiences rather than materialistic gifts. I could do a post on more eco-friendly Christmas shopping if you would like!

2. Make your decorations/use old decorations

Stop buying so many new decorations such as baubles, tinsel etc. (additionally, if you are going to buy – try and buy from smaller businesses or second hand and make sure you use them in the future years). You can use all your tinsel, decorations and homeware from previous years – in fact, it makes for a more traditional and homey feel to your Christmas as your decorated house will have more character. You could also make your own natural decorations; you can find lots of options out there but one of my favourites is drying oranges.

3. Do some Vegan baking

I recently went vegan, and LOVE to bake – The little blog of Vegan is a really good place to go. So, you don’t need to go completely meat and dairy free over the festive season but you can make a few small swaps. Also, just baking and cooking rather than buying pre packaged stuff is better, so bake and cook away (plus it makes your house smell amazing!)

4. Use your leftovers

Try to cut down on your food waste this Christmas. Have a Boxing Day feast on all your leftovers rather than binning them. You can also find lots of recipes around which help to create a really delicious meal with all your food leftovers from Christmas Day.

5. Wrap with less waste

Buy recyclable wrapping paper or get reusable options. Or, go for brown paper. There are lots of different options where you can wrap more sustainably! Generally, try not to buy wrapping paper with foil – it is rarely able to be recycled. Use your scraps of paper and less tape (as mentioned in ‘Arthur Christmas’ you can wrap a gift with 3 pieces of tape!)

There are several other ways in which you can celebrate Christmas more sustainably but while still having a lovely celebration! Let me know if you want anymore tips!

Love from,

Autumn Leaves and a Spring Breeze xoxoxo

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