I just want to pop on here a brief overview of what I am going to use this blog for! I’m going to be posting more lifestyle posts but with more stuff on how to live more sustainably and happily – it is also a wee bit of a journey for me as it is only really within this last year or so that I have put a real effort to being more eco-friendly.

Firstly, why did I decide to start living a more sustainable lifestyle?

It all really began when I read ‘There is No Planet B’ by Mike Berners Lee – I highly recommend it! I just saw the real implications of climate change and the ways in which one can try and lower their own carbon footprint. I tried being vegan for a week, just to see how difficult it was, but I loved it and haven’t looked back since!

I am most definitely still at the beginning of my sustainable journey and have a lot to learn, but that’s part of the fun of it for me. It not only has beneficial environmental (and ultimately social) impacts, but is a great experience for the individual. Learning to appreciate small things, find happiness in simplicity and becoming less materialistic.

A couple other things I want to mention are that, firstly, I realised that (sadly) individual choices aren’t going to solve the climate crisis. There needs to be serious international and national action for there to be a real change, but individual choices still help and are a learning experience which help spread more awareness of the issue. Secondly, no judgement. No one is ever going to be perfect and I think it is so much more important to be supportive and positive about the good things we are doing rather than focussing on the mistakes.

So, that’s it from me for now! I just wanted to post a wee post to outline the new direction of the blog if anyone wants to follow along!

Have a lovely day xx

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