Look Fantastic Beauty Box – May 2019

Recently, I discovered Look Fantastic which is an online beauty shop. I have never purchased a monthly beauty box so I thought this was a good opportunity to treat myself. You can buy 12 month,  6 month, 3 month and 1 month subscriptions but since I was trying it out for the first time I got one month and it is only £15 for 6 products and an Elle magazine. The May edition is based on Urban beauty and all the products inside have a price of over £130 (including a £89 product from Avant), which is incredible as it … Continue reading Look Fantastic Beauty Box – May 2019

Superdrug and Body Shop Haul

Hello everyone! How’s your May going so far? I honestly cannot believe we are in May, I still feel like we’re in February! Anyways I was out shopping a couple weeks ago and today I will show you what I got! So First I’ll talk about what I got in Superdrug. I honestly usually only go into Superdrug if I’m looking for something like a tooth brush or micellar water or something but on this particular day I was passing and thought I’d go in and see what there was. I was there with my mum and she was intrigued … Continue reading Superdrug and Body Shop Haul

Healthy brownies – two ways

So last week I made two different brownies that were healthy for two different reasons: Refined sugar free and gluten free. These brownies are the gluten free ones as I was making some for someone who is gluten free and everyone seemed to love them so I thought I’d share the recipe here! I found it online so all credits to them! (sweetest menu) Ingredients 170g unsalted butter, melted 200g caster sugar 90g light soft brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 eggs 40g cocoa powder 70g plain gluten-free flour Instructions Preheat your oven to 160 c and grease and … Continue reading Healthy brownies – two ways

Peachy Bath Bomb Review (LUSH)

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? So every once in a while I love to have a bath just to relax, read a book, maybe do a big body scrub and maybe a face mask. Last night I decided to use the Peachy Bath bomb which is a lovely bath bomb from Lush. It costs £3.95, which is fairly decent price for Lush. It is a gorgeous pink colour and when you drop it in the Bath it looks like a beautiful sunrise with the pink and orange! It smells like a subtle citrus smell, I don’t really know how … Continue reading Peachy Bath Bomb Review (LUSH)