Things to do this Summer

It’s been a while since I posted, I am sorry! Well, we are now into July, which means we are well and truly into the Summer; and due to current circumstances many of our Summer plans have been cancelled or postponed. So, I am sure there will be many empty minutes this Summer, so here are some things that you can do if you are feeling bored! Create a Scrapbook I know its cliché but a scrapbook is a great way to fill in some time as well as doing something meaningful. You can make one full of memories and … Continue reading Things to do this Summer

Things you could buy online to keep you busy during quarantine

Hello! I hope you are all doing well, and staying at home if possible! I know this period of time can seem rather daunting in how we don’t know how long it’s going to last and it may seem quite boring. So, I thought I would post with some ideas of things you could buy online to keep you busy during this time. Of course, do be mindful who ordering stuff online for both the environment and the workers. Cupcake Jemma Baking Kit I have always loved Jemma’s youtube channel which has endless creative, but easy recipes for her viewers … Continue reading Things you could buy online to keep you busy during quarantine

Favourite Youtube Channels

Hello all, so now many of us actually have quite a lot more time on our hands; I thought I would share some of my favourite youtube channels with you in case you find yourself feeling in need of something new to watch.   Talia Maizels   I found Talia’s channel a while ago when I first watched her 10,000 calorie challenge. She makes a large variety of videos such as: food challenges, drive throughs, and lots more. I really like her channel because she seems to always be in a good mood and her videos are really fun to … Continue reading Favourite Youtube Channels

Mother’s Day Online Gift guide

Hello! So, at this time it may seem weird to be celebrating Mother’s Day and it may also seem difficult to buy presents as many shops are shut; however, there are still lots of gifts you could buy online, but you will have to order them quickly in time to be here on Sunday! The Chocolate and Fizz collection – £27.50 Hotel Chocolat do some really wonderful luxury gifts and this hamper would be perfect if you want to spoil your mum with some fizz and chocolate! This hamper includes: Salted Caramel chocolate puddles, the everything mini collection, champagne truffles, a … Continue reading Mother’s Day Online Gift guide

Spring – Seasonal Wants

Hello everyone! I am sorry it has been quite a while since I last posted but here I am again! Today’s post is going to be a introduction into spring as the weather is becoming more sunny and less rainy! Here are some of the things that are on my spring Wishlist: Golden egg from Lush I absolutely love it at the beginning of each season when lush bring out their new seasonal ranges! This was one of the gifts for Easter which I thought looked lovely and includes a large variety of types and scents of products. 2. ASOS cami … Continue reading Spring – Seasonal Wants

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Whether you are in a couple or whether you are single, you should celebrate Valentine’s Day in some way or another; even if it’s just a little small thing. So here are some ways in which anyone can celebrate valentines day: Give yourself a pamper This could be out at a spa or just at home. Have a bath, do a face mask, moisturise, paint your nails. Just try to treat yourself well. Buy someone flowers This doesn’t have to be your significant other, it could be to a friend, or your mum or another family member, just make someone feel … Continue reading How to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Things to do this February

Get ready for your spring time closet, order yourself some new clothes or get ready to wear your fabby old ones. Bake something for Valentine’s Day, whether you are spending it with your partner, friends or by yourself. Maybe heart shaped cookies, or if you are feeling very adventurous maybe a big heart shaped valentines themed cake. Read a book. You never regret reading a good book so grab one and try to aim to finish it this month. Pamper yourself. Have a bath, paint your nails, do you makeup, whatever you like. Go out for brunch. Go to one of … Continue reading Things to do this February

January Favourites

It is finally February! After a fairly lengthly January, I I may say so! To start of February, I will share some of the things I was loving and using continuity throughout the beginning of 2020. Firstly, this is something that I received as part of a grift set for Christmas. It was a multi set of perfumes by Nina Ricci and it had 5 or 6 mini fragrances to try out. This was my favourite one: L’extase.  It has a quite mature fragrance so it is something that I will wear on special occasions such as a meal out. If you are looking … Continue reading January Favourites

Bad Habits and Good Habits

Okay. I think everyone has at least one bad habit. If you don’t have one then wow.. keep it  up! But I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the good habits we have as well. So, I thought I’d do a post talking about my bad habits but also my good habits. Let me know if you share any of these habits! Bad Habits I don’t bite my nails but I do have a really bad habit of picking at my nail beds, especially when I’m stressed or bored. I pick at my mascara! I know it sounds … Continue reading Bad Habits and Good Habits

What works for you: Diet

I think it is highly underestimated how important your diet is. I’m not talking about trying to lose or gain weight, I’m talking about how it affects your mood, energy levels, sleep, skin and lifestyle. It’s your fuel. It’s what keeps you going. Disclaimer: I am NOT a nutritionist or have any scientific evidence to back this, it is all based on my own experience and my opinion. I see lots of news stories saying: “the one thing Rob gave up to lose 40 pounds!” Well that’s brilliant for Rob. But I’m not Rob, and you’re not Rob. He has … Continue reading What works for you: Diet