Eating out in Glasgow

Back in April, I went out to Glasgow for the day and in this post I am going to talk about where I ate out and what I ate! So, we arrived around lunch time so we went to Embargo for lunch. For my main course, I had a DELICOUS burger on coconut rice with a tropical sauce ( I can’t remember what it was called but it was the bottom of the burger menu if you want to get it). I am not joking. It was amazing. GO there and get some. THE BEST BURGER (even thought there was … Continue reading Eating out in Glasgow

Lent – sugar free

Hello everyone! How is your April going? Mine has been really wonderful so far, at the end of March/beginning of April I had a three day trip away to Bath, which was really lovely – would you like a post on it?! So we are now in the period of Lent which is the time between Shrove Tuesday (pancake day hehe) and Easter, it’s tradition to give up something for lent such as chocolate, bread or alcohol but this year I decided to give up refined sugar. I haven’t been completely perfect (especially when I was in Bath) but mostly … Continue reading Lent – sugar free

Current Youtube Channel Favourites

Hello everyone! So I am a fan of youtube, I think it’s a brilliant space for creators. Recently, there have been a few channels that I have been watching a lot more, let me know in the comments your favourite youtubers! Tasty- I am sure many of you will have heard of tasty, it is a channel (but they also have an app) where they share cooking and baking recipes and their videos are so satisfying! Their channel consists of simple recipes like: Brownie stuffed strawberries, Hidden strawberry heart bundt cake , Chicken Parmesan poppers and Strawberry cheesecake cake roll. But … Continue reading Current Youtube Channel Favourites

New Year – How to get over your post Christmas Blues

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So, you’ve had an amazing Christmas and New Years day and Eve spent with your loved ones but now you are going back to work or school and you’re feeling kind of down. This is most definitely me, is it you? I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year but now I am here to write about a few tips I have to get you to a good start this 2019. 1. Think about all the good things to come in 2019 Instead of dwelling on how sad you are that Christmas … Continue reading New Year – How to get over your post Christmas Blues