Hiya! I just want to pop on here a brief overview of what I am going to use this blog for! I’m going to be posting more lifestyle posts but with more stuff on how to live more sustainably and happily – it is also a wee bit of a journey for me as it is only really within this last year or so that I have put a real effort to being more eco-friendly. Firstly, why did I decide to start living a more sustainable lifestyle? It all really began when I read ‘There is No Planet B’ by … Continue reading Welcome!

5 Vegan recipes I can’t wait to try

Recently, I have been trying to eat more vegan meals and generally cut down on meat – for environmental reasons. I am not a full fledged vegan yet but I really love to try out some recipes so, here are some baking recipes that I really want to try! Please let me know if you have any great vegan recipes! Brownie cookie These cookies look really simple but at the same time completely and utterly delicious! Brownies and cookies are definitely two of my favourite sweet treats and a combined version of these in a vegan treat sounds really perfect! … Continue reading 5 Vegan recipes I can’t wait to try

Niomi Smart’s Vegan Date, Pecan and Banana loaf

Hello! So up until this weekend I had actually been rather healthy this January (minus the chocolate orange I demolished yesterday evening…) and this was one of the healthier bakes I made to satisfy my sweet tooth and since it was so utterly delicious I thought I would share the recipe with you! The recipe actually called for walnuts but I just used pecans because they were what I had in the cupboard. Here are the ingredients you will need: a little coconut oil for greasing the tin 2 and a half ripe banana 200g buckwheat flour 25g chopped pecans … Continue reading Niomi Smart’s Vegan Date, Pecan and Banana loaf

Healthy, sugar and gluten free and vegan, Samoas!

Hi everyone! So as some of you may know, my diet is a refined sugar free one and I love to try out new recipes that fit this as I still have an extremely sweet tooth! I am a huge lover of coconut and chocolate and when I used to live in the States theSamoa was easily my favourite Girl Scout cookie so when I saw a healthy version of them on Pinterest, I knew I had to try them out! Ingredients (for around 5 small cookies) 1/2 cup dates (Any ind but Medjool work the best) 1/2 cup of … Continue reading Healthy, sugar and gluten free and vegan, Samoas!