Healthy brownies – two ways

So last week I made two different brownies that were healthy for two different reasons: Refined sugar free and gluten free. These brownies are the gluten free ones as I was making some for someone who is gluten free and everyone seemed to love them so I thought I’d share the recipe here! I found it online so all credits to them! (sweetest menu) Ingredients 170g unsalted butter, melted 200g caster sugar 90g light soft brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 eggs 40g cocoa powder 70g plain gluten-free flour Instructions Preheat your oven to 160 c and grease and … Continue reading Healthy brownies – two ways

Peachy Bath Bomb Review (LUSH)

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? So every once in a while I love to have a bath just to relax, read a book, maybe do a big body scrub and maybe a face mask. Last night I decided to use the Peachy Bath bomb which is a lovely bath bomb from Lush. It costs £3.95, which is fairly decent price for Lush. It is a gorgeous pink colour and when you drop it in the Bath it looks like a beautiful sunrise with the pink and orange! It smells like a subtle citrus smell, I don’t really know how … Continue reading Peachy Bath Bomb Review (LUSH)

Travel to BATH (March 2019)

Hello! Thank you for clicking on this post to read it! So at the end of March I went on a little three day trip to the city of Bath in Somerset. I have wanted to go to Bath for quite a while and I don’t really know why, it might be because it is such a historic city. Anyways I will get on with the post and what I did while I was there. So first off if anyone was wondering where I stayed, it was simply just Airbnb – there are tons of great, affordable places in Bath … Continue reading Travel to BATH (March 2019)

Lent – sugar free

Hello everyone! How is your April going? Mine has been really wonderful so far, at the end of March/beginning of April I had a three day trip away to Bath, which was really lovely – would you like a post on it?! So we are now in the period of Lent which is the time between Shrove Tuesday (pancake day hehe) and Easter, it’s tradition to give up something for lent such as chocolate, bread or alcohol but this year I decided to give up refined sugar. I haven’t been completely perfect (especially when I was in Bath) but mostly … Continue reading Lent – sugar free

Pancakes for Breakfast

I love pancakes. I think most people do. Here’s my prefect pancake breakfast! So my favourite fluffy pancakes toppings are… butter, butter and jam, butter and jam and coconut, maple syrup, golden syrup, Nutella, yogurt and peanut butter! What are your favourite toppings, with crepes I do love a bit of lemon and sugar. The recipe I like to use is Jamie Oliver’s American style pancakes and I found this in Tanya Bakes ( Tanya burr’s baking book). They are really simple, you have to whip up some eggs which takes a while but you only need another extra five … Continue reading Pancakes for Breakfast