Healthy Victoria Sponge Cake

Happy Weekend! I think you guys enjoyed my last post about Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes from my Natural baking recipe book, so I though I’d show you the recipe to a Victoria sponge cake which I made earlier in the Summer. It is so delicious that you could barely guess that it is healthy! Here are the ingredients: 150g softened butter 80g coconut sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 3 eggs zest of 1/2 an orange 3 and a half tbsp milk 150g Spelt flour 2 tsp baking powder pinch of salt For the filling: 75g fresh raspberries 1.5 tsp coconut … Continue reading Healthy Victoria Sponge Cake

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Hello! So, I generally like to stay away from refined sugar. Now I do have days of weakness when someones baked a cake and I just give in, but at home when I bake for myself I like to go refined sugar free. Last month, I got given a natural cookbook which is called Natural Baking it is all about baking slightly healthier. I saw this recipe for Chocolate cupcakes and decided to make it! Here is the recipe: (makes 12 muffins) Ingredients – 2 tsp cider vinegar. 200ml non dairy milk 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 60g coconut oil (melted) 320g slept … Continue reading Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Summer Beauty Favourites

Hello!   We are now leaving the Summer season, which I am actually not sad about at all as Summer is actually my least favourite season! I do love it but I just prefer cosy Autumn! Throughout Summer there are a few staple products that I love to use while I’m in the sun! My first favourite is this bronzer brush from The Body Shop! I love to use this, obviously, as a bronzer brush but also as a highlighter brush! It applies really evenly and beautifully, the brush is amazing quality and the bristles are super soft! Even the … Continue reading Summer Beauty Favourites

Beautiful Heathergems Ring

Welcome to September!   I am super excited for Autumn ahead! About a week ago I was in Pitlochry which is home to the headquarters of Heathergems, which is a stunning jewellery brand which helps create their jewellery using Scottish heather! Here is their website: Heathergems Since they use Heather, it means that almost every piece of jewellery is unique. I decided to treat myself to a ring, I had been looking for a really lovely one all Summer as I have often had quite cheap rings before but they tend to wear away very quickly. I saw this and I immediately … Continue reading Beautiful Heathergems Ring

New Jewellery Spring and Summer 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are! I love jewellery, I find it’s like another outfit, another thing to chose what to wear; which I personally love! The first piece of jewellery is these absolutely stunning pair of earring from Laura Ashley. This are hands down my favourite earring I own, easily! They are perfect for everyday but also if you want to dress up a little. I believe this is them : Little Silver Hoops from Laura Ashley They are a great price on sale so grab them while you can!! … Continue reading New Jewellery Spring and Summer 2019

Bad Habits and Good Habits

Okay. I think everyone has at least one bad habit. If you don’t have one then wow.. keep it  up! But I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the good habits we have as well. So, I thought I’d do a post talking about my bad habits but also my good habits. Let me know if you share any of these habits! Bad Habits I don’t bite my nails but I do have a really bad habit of picking at my nail beds, especially when I’m stressed or bored. I pick at my mascara! I know it sounds … Continue reading Bad Habits and Good Habits

Lil Superdrug Haul

Hello everyone! So today I got back from my holiday but before I left I popped into Superdrug to grab some things to the with me! The first thing I grabbed was this. Zoella Gelat’eau Body Mist. I knew I liked the scent because I had the mini version of this body mist from one of the Christmas gift sets and I saw it in the shop and it was only £2. It normally is £8, but I think they are trying to get rid of products as Zoe’s line comes to an end. The packaging is beautiful as you can … Continue reading Lil Superdrug Haul