Alternate Advent Calendars for December 2019!

It is finally November! So, I know that chocolate advent calendars and Beauty advent calendars aren’t everyones cup of tea, so I thought I would share with you some great alternates there are! Let me know if you are enjoying these advent calendar posts! Gourmet Marshmallow Advent calendar – £17.50 This advent calendar, though a little pricey, sounds amazing! It includes some amazing flavours such as: s’mores, gingerbread and salted Carmel. Doesn’t it sound delicious?? Sainsbury’s Home Christmas Spice Advent Calendar – £12 This affordable Sainsbury’s advent calendar has a cute little Christmas spiced aroma candle tea light in each door! So … Continue reading Alternate Advent Calendars for December 2019!

Last minute Halloween Costume ideas

It is very almost Halloween! If you have been planning out your Halloween costume for days and are ready for a party or Trick or Treating, then well done and you can probably skip this. But, if like me you find yourself with nothing to wear, here are some great and simple ideas for you to wear by yourself or with friends. They are also made up of clothing items that you may well already have! Donna from Mamma Mia There are two options here: Wear flared jeans with a floral top and a denim jack, maybe leave your hair … Continue reading Last minute Halloween Costume ideas

Beauty Advent Calendar to know about: 2019

It is very almost November… which means that we are only one month away from Advent calendar season; which is extremely exciting! So, if like me you are wondering what advent calendars to get, whether it is beauty, chocolate, tea or any other type of calendar. I have done quite a bit of research and I thought I would show you some of the calendars I am considering; most of them are fairly affordable! I am going to be splitting these calendars into three separate posts! Firstly, I am going to go through the best Beauty advent calendars that you could … Continue reading Beauty Advent Calendar to know about: 2019

GBBO Final

Hello! For those of you who watch The Great British Bake Off, you will know that the final of this series is next Tuesday! I am hugely excited! I have been watching the show since 2013, and even with the loss of Mary, Sue and Mel, I still love the show. I love how it becomes a weekly routine  and it is such a cosy show, I often grab a tea and a little treat, light a candle and grab a blanket! This year has been so lovely, I think this is partly because this year all the bakers where … Continue reading GBBO Final

The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

It is now spooky season! Around a week before Halloween I tend to make a Spotify playlist with lots of Halloween music! So I thought this year I would share this playlist with you! Some of them are classics, but some of them are less well known.   Thriller – Micheal Jackson Somebodys watching me – Rockwell Maneater- Daryl Hall I put a spell on you – Annie Lennox Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Monster Mash – Bobby Pick.. Superstition – Stevie Wonder Thriller/Heads will Roll – Glee cast Disturbia – Rihanna Time Warp – Little nell This is Halloween – The nightmare before Christmas   So there it is! I hope … Continue reading The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Transitioning into Autumn

Good afternoon! So, next Tuesday we will be in October! September has actually gone very quickly, compared to previous years for me! So this blog post is going to be about all the things I love about Autumn: The colder weather – I know many people hugely prefer the hotter weather, but I am not like this at all! I just love cold weather, I love rain, snow, fog and just being able to layer jackets and jumpers and then be able to snuggle up at home. I am hoping for an especially cold winter! It has already started to … Continue reading Transitioning into Autumn

Healthy Victoria Sponge Cake

Happy Weekend! I think you guys enjoyed my last post about Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes from my Natural baking recipe book, so I though I’d show you the recipe to a Victoria sponge cake which I made earlier in the Summer. It is so delicious that you could barely guess that it is healthy! Here are the ingredients: 150g softened butter 80g coconut sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 3 eggs zest of 1/2 an orange 3 and a half tbsp milk 150g Spelt flour 2 tsp baking powder pinch of salt For the filling: 75g fresh raspberries 1.5 tsp coconut … Continue reading Healthy Victoria Sponge Cake