Healthy, sugar and gluten free and vegan, Samoas!

Hi everyone! So as some of you may know, my diet is a refined sugar free one and I love to try out new recipes that fit this as I still have an extremely sweet tooth! I am a huge lover of coconut and chocolate and when I used to live in the States theSamoa was easily my favourite Girl Scout cookie so when I saw a healthy version of them on Pinterest, I knew I had to try them out! Ingredients (for around 5 small cookies) 1/2 cup dates (Any ind but Medjool work the best) 1/2 cup of … Continue reading Healthy, sugar and gluten free and vegan, Samoas!

Harry Potter Snow Scene Cupcakes

Hi everyone! Before I start this post, I’m thinking about doing a Harry Potter Q&A, so if you have any questions either leave them in the comments below or email them to me:¬†Now on with the post! So a few days ago I decided to make some Harry Potter themed cupcakes and ended up with these snow scene cupcakes.   I simply made some quick and easy vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing using¬†this recipe. I then iced the cupcakes with a simple nozzle and started to decorate. I made the chocolate decorations by printing out some pictures of the … Continue reading Harry Potter Snow Scene Cupcakes